there are certain things that will appear out of no where and take u by storm. that was how i felt when i checked out Photosynth. clearly some tough work done there by the team and a beta/demo will be made availabe sometime later this year or next year. ( the architect in c9 video said it would be available by fall , now i m not in US and i dont know when this “fall” comes in their calendar )
there is also a video on channel9 , about this explained by one of the architects of Photosynth so check it out too . some of the new terms i learnt in watching this video are multiresulution images and how this is simpler than a high resolution tiff image
this reminded me of another research video i saw a long time back in channel9 . about a research project called mylifebits, where an entire suite of apps allowed the indexing and relating all the work done by a person on a pc. i hope even this cool suite would be made available as some beta or demo.

while searching for some info when i got really intersted in these kind of researches i found a site that will be realllly useful ,they have an entire library of videos on all topics. any time spent in this site is certainly not wasted.

so found a lot of links and new topics to learn about. do check them out . all of these are research related topics and who knows may be u can get a spark when u see any of them for the next big revolution.

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