Finally i have started something that i must have done a long time ago . I have always felt something passionate or unexplainable feelings towards dream and achieving it. I’ll talk about my dream and pour out what ever i think about the subject as time pass by . but today is the first part and what dream ever starts without a clear inspiration . this blog is a pointer to some real good work that tinkles the feelings deep within everyone and helps us achieve it .My first inspiration was from ” The Alchemist ” by Paulo Coelho and my favoutire quote goes like

” when some one dreams of achieving something the whole world conspires to help them “

a must read and an enjoyable one too about a boy searching the world following his dream.

now that is a story but a person in real life has done something like this and is truely inspirational to all of us . he is Matt Harding , who traveled all around the world on his personal savings and is now famous all aver the internet. just check out this video he made that brought him to center of attention .

and lastly another one of those flash animations that use nothing more than still images and beautiful words to kindle the explorer within you and remind u that u are free and independent.

i sign off today with my declaration of independence and will follow up on this topic regulary .