when did India get its freedom ?

  • 1950
  • 1948
  • 1949
  • ?????
  • please don’t record this

Shocked or puzzled ? these were just some of the answers people gave to the question on Vijay TV. This truly came as a surprise to me that people who were more than 20 yrs old (aka supposed to be mature people and most seem to be educated) answered like this.

I am not angry or sad for these people both of which is useless to solve the problem. I am just happy that atleast Vijay TV did a good program on the martyrs and freedom fighters of India.

On another note, quite unintentionally my post on declaration of independence is followed by a post on Freedom. 🙂 lets see how this goes. i must post regularly . how “reglularly” ? and how useful they are to others are the most important things. which is the point of having this blog 😉