Well everyone knows “Knowledge is king” these days especially more so in our field of computer programming where an experienced person can outperform 10 or even more newbies. And it is always a pleasure to meet these kings and with the help of blogs, in addition to other form of online communities has brought Knowledge sharing to a whole new level. Whenever I search for some information I am more likely to land on a blog that deals with that specific problem than some large tutorial or even MSDN ;). This is good because they add a human touch to the explanation while documentation tend to be rigid and structured . How else can I get to know people like Joel on Software , Raymond Chen, Kernel Mustard or read great stuff like waiterrant , thedailywtf , Presentation Zen and a whole lot more , the list goes on and on but is certainly never complete.And recently I found another person to be added to the list Ralf’s Sudelbücher. the moment I read his article on Architecture through Lattix LDM i felt like i became him fan ;). So last few days were spent on reading his previous blogs and the other blog that clearly showed his skill is when he explains what’s behind a call from a client or program on one system to a program on another system. All of us would imagine this like this

well this is how we are thought and this is how the system is meant to communicate. but there will always be more than one way to do a thing and so can we look at a problem in more than one way. The reason i like his blog is the new perspective that i get or his unique prospective which i happen to love 🙂 . So what’s the different perspective u ask ? well to quote him

Between the communicating parties there is no direct connection. (….). Rather communication always manifests itself in another piece of code. So an edge can be represented as a piece of code sitting between the originally connected software artifacts. Of course this edge-code then is again connected with those software artifacts by edges – which in turn can be represented as a piece of code etc.

Now how’s that for explanation 😀 well he was using this to propose a new kind of coding in distributed environment and u can check his blog for full explanation and he has loads of explanations like this and all are easy to understand. there goes he is my new King to the Blogroll.

All hail new King ;). till we meet again Shiv signing off

PS: if you happen to realllly like some blogger ( preferably techie one ) just comment over so i can add them here.

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