<rant warning > this is just my rant at sify so if u feel busy just pass this one 🙂 </rant warning >  

Not that i was offline for the past few weeks but being disconnected at home certainly felt like it as i dont feel like blogging in office :). And yes thanks to BSNL i am now connected and also thanks to SIFY (so called Broadband) customer care, without thier great support i would never have switched 😉 . Well we shifted our home not to another state nor to any other city and not even to another distant place , but to another flat in our same appartment. How long do u think it will take to shift the connection when there is cables running on the roof of all appartments . it seems so hard for SIFY that they never turned up but the guy who collects bills came thrice is three weeks and we are yet to see a single person to connect me back to the network. the final decision was made when the customer care representative said that i have to send them an email when i requested to be disconnected. Since it was a prepaid connection all i had to do was the refuse renewing and that is what i am doing.

Now on to BSNL , we gave our application form for broadband connection (yes still some formalities ) on thursday and an engineer turned up on friday evening and left after setting up the ADSL modem .since i wasnt home when he came he called me up at 10:15PM yes he did 🙂 and since i messed up his settings he came again next day and fixed it. so i am online from friday night to be exact. So thats two days compared to three weeks and still counting from SIFY.

hoping to blog more, see ya soon