Here i am 😉

I am Sivakumar Thulasimani , after finishing my Bachelor of Engineering in computer science  joined SCM Microsystems India on July,2006. And after working in Smartcard reader drivers for nearly two years and desiring bigger challenges i have moved on to Samsung India Software Center. My desire is to know almost anything that is possible to learn. had been glued to the Discovery Channel till internet came home and been onboard online ever since. the interest in learning “How” and “what” keeps me exploring. other than these my passion is for programming and anything related to AI. I was Microsoft Student partener between 2004-2006. Had great fun both organising and attending a number of events. i dont claim to be an expert in anything( atleast as of yet 😉 ) . but i m always learning and learning is something that will never stop for all of us. so join me and lets start the process of exploring, learning  and sharing.

And Floks like every other “personal blog” , this is my personal blog. Anything i say here are of my own and not of my employer . (i hate to put these kind of messages but its better  to be explicit than implicit )


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  1. Vishal Motwani
    Aug 17, 2011 @ 22:15:00

    Hello Friend,

    My name is Vishal Motwani..i read your comments on your website.
    Actually I am new to .net Technology (6 to 7 months appx). I want some
    guidance about making a good grip in myself about .net(web) ,WCF and
    Webservices.I am finding quite difficulty in my current office as well
    as in finding new job opportunities.
    Please guide me with what is the better way to start in order to
    become a good proficient in later years in .Net Technology.
    Please do reply to my mail as you are an experienced person in this
    field and will be able to help me out in a better way and also keep up
    the good work of your in helping others related to their queries.

    Please do the needful.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vishal Motwani


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