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Two months in to new year here is the first post :).

Whats keeping me busy ? well new place and new company both keeping me real busy and am enjoying it for now.

SCM was a great place to work and still is. But after more than two years working in smartcard device drivers it was time to lookout for other challenges and that has now brought me to Samsung Software center.

Worked on a lot of cool stuff and learning a lot lot more within the last two months, hope the time ahead will continue to be as intersting. planning to convert a couple of ideas in to blog articles ­čÖé convertion of plans will take time ;).

till then its “Chao” for now


Coding4bill, the end

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well not exactly the end but certainly fast approacing the end . i was surprised to get a mail last week with subject code4bill. for those who dont know it was(is ? ) a competition conducted by Microsoft india to get some of the most bright students into misrosoft and to make it special it was announced that the person who finishes on top would be made part of Bill gates’s personal team for one year.

so back to the mail . what was it about ? the competiton is about to close this july ( july 30th) so MS India have created an msn group where the top 20 people who have been doing their project till now can interact with all the other students across india. And as a surprise this time they r giving away some cool goodies top of which is Xbox 360 for the most active people on the group.

so if u r a student then jump right in to and start interacting with all the people who involved in this exciting competition