Back from dead, with new name :)


  One year has passed since the blog was updated, time certainly is going at its own pace. 🙂 the plan is to blog regularly and more abt technology than personal ramblings 😉 so what better way to start of than to get the domain and have it as my personal blog. its still hosted in wordpress(i love its simplicity ). so here is the new address


please update any links or subscriptions to new address although the redirection of old url must still work.

adiós 🙂


Life is Beautiful :)

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i use this a lot these days “Life is Beautiful ” but what the heck i love everything thats going on. its a roller coaster ride and i m enjoying every twist and turn it is bringing on :). And it is just starting so m eagerly waiting for the next turn i m gonna go through. two months have passed since my last blog and a lot has been goin on off the online world which i was bounded to for all these years.

Life out side the protective cocoon of  school and college is really different to put it mildly.  will continue later , offline world beckons 😉  bye for now

Bravo BSNL, Online finally


<rant warning > this is just my rant at sify so if u feel busy just pass this one 🙂 </rant warning >  

Not that i was offline for the past few weeks but being disconnected at home certainly felt like it as i dont feel like blogging in office :). And yes thanks to BSNL i am now connected and also thanks to SIFY (so called Broadband) customer care, without thier great support i would never have switched 😉 . Well we shifted our home not to another state nor to any other city and not even to another distant place , but to another flat in our same appartment. How long do u think it will take to shift the connection when there is cables running on the roof of all appartments . it seems so hard for SIFY that they never turned up but the guy who collects bills came thrice is three weeks and we are yet to see a single person to connect me back to the network. the final decision was made when the customer care representative said that i have to send them an email when i requested to be disconnected. Since it was a prepaid connection all i had to do was the refuse renewing and that is what i am doing.

Now on to BSNL , we gave our application form for broadband connection (yes still some formalities ) on thursday and an engineer turned up on friday evening and left after setting up the ADSL modem .since i wasnt home when he came he called me up at 10:15PM yes he did 🙂 and since i messed up his settings he came again next day and fixed it. so i am online from friday night to be exact. So thats two days compared to three weeks and still counting from SIFY.

hoping to blog more, see ya soon

Run, Walk , Crawl but keep moving

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These last few days has been really busy not necessarily in office alone but in home as well. After all these years in college studying some text books  i finally had time to read some books that made me feel WOW . it just feels good to read books that u like. now i m not reading books alone but also a lot from the archives of blogsphere that i had missed. the first on my list of archives was Joelonsoftware. Then when i was reading through some of his articles this one caught me also because of something that happened to me last week.

 I noticed how almost every kind of military strategy, from air force dogfights to large scale naval maneuvers, is based on the idea of Fire and Motion. It took me another fifteen years to realize that the principle of Fire and Motion is how you get things done in life. You have to move forward a little bit, every day. It doesn’t matter if your code is lame and buggy and nobody wants it. If you are moving forward, writing code and fixing bugs constantly, time is on your side. Watch out when your competition fires at you. Do they just want to force you to keep busy reacting to their volleys, so you can’t move forward?

Now in this article( actually a blog before it was called a blog but everyone knows that don’t you 😉 ) he was actually talking about something we all face every now and then, that is not getting that ” motivation/ interest ” to start doing our work once we reach our office.

This struck me as i felt real bad for a while last week not that i had trouble starting up but i had trouble finding answer to a small part of the task i was working on. It was a very simple one ( or so i thought ) , to resize a text box in a winCE app.

 My plan was to maximize the box and resize it back with a help of a separate button click that does this. the problem started when i found that the GetWindowRect() and GetClientRect() returned values that was shall i say incorrect 😉 . Now i used these functions coz i planed to get the location of other controls on screen in the same window and place/resize the text box relative to them. Cutting out all that rant i figured that the SetWinodowPos() places the control relatively to the parent control by default. so i ended hard coding the coordinates of the textbox and now it works on all displays of different CE based devices. For this i spent an entire day and i couldn’t forgive myself for wasting valuable time. after a while i consoled my self remembering Thomas Edison’s quotes

Results? Why, man, I have gotten lots of results! If I find 10,000 ways something won’t work, I haven’t failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is often a step forward…. 

As a hind sight i thought i could have avoided this whole episode by making a new window and put the textbox there ( thanks to that suggestion from M Karthikeyan ) but i learnt what works and what doesn’t at least with regard to window placements .It doesn’t mater when sometimes u cant do ur best as long as u keep learning.

So run . if u cant run , walk. if u cant walk , crawl but keep moving as new day will give new hope and new people who will help u solve any problem.

Kings of Knowledge : New king aboard blogroll ;)

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Well everyone knows “Knowledge is king” these days especially more so in our field of computer programming where an experienced person can outperform 10 or even more newbies. And it is always a pleasure to meet these kings and with the help of blogs, in addition to other form of online communities has brought Knowledge sharing to a whole new level. Whenever I search for some information I am more likely to land on a blog that deals with that specific problem than some large tutorial or even MSDN ;). This is good because they add a human touch to the explanation while documentation tend to be rigid and structured . How else can I get to know people like Joel on Software , Raymond Chen, Kernel Mustard or read great stuff like waiterrant , thedailywtf , Presentation Zen and a whole lot more , the list goes on and on but is certainly never complete.And recently I found another person to be added to the list Ralf’s Sudelbücher. the moment I read his article on Architecture through Lattix LDM i felt like i became him fan ;). So last few days were spent on reading his previous blogs and the other blog that clearly showed his skill is when he explains what’s behind a call from a client or program on one system to a program on another system. All of us would imagine this like this

well this is how we are thought and this is how the system is meant to communicate. but there will always be more than one way to do a thing and so can we look at a problem in more than one way. The reason i like his blog is the new perspective that i get or his unique prospective which i happen to love 🙂 . So what’s the different perspective u ask ? well to quote him

Between the communicating parties there is no direct connection. (….). Rather communication always manifests itself in another piece of code. So an edge can be represented as a piece of code sitting between the originally connected software artifacts. Of course this edge-code then is again connected with those software artifacts by edges – which in turn can be represented as a piece of code etc.

Now how’s that for explanation 😀 well he was using this to propose a new kind of coding in distributed environment and u can check his blog for full explanation and he has loads of explanations like this and all are easy to understand. there goes he is my new King to the Blogroll.

All hail new King ;). till we meet again Shiv signing off

PS: if you happen to realllly like some blogger ( preferably techie one ) just comment over so i can add them here.

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SOM : content based image retrieval


Ever searched for images based on who or what is in it without help of tags or filenames. it is possible but just as much possible as voice recognition was few years ago.This technology is called Content Based Image Retrieval or CBIR for short.long time ago when my interest in anything related to AI was really big i frequented a number of sites i bumped on a very intersting article Self Organizing Map AI for Pictures By Casey Chesnut .it was reallly good when u consider the accuracy he got with it.He used a type of neural networks called Self Organising Maps (SOM) or Kohonen Map named after the creator of this algorithm.

but since he prefered not to release the source or the program i searched online to find a lot of online sites that perform this kind of search but only online nothing that i can download and use on my large collection of pictures.

Why am i talking about this now ? 🙂 just to say that i have started to work on this and i hope to make a good program and on the way learn a lot of stuff like neural networks and its variants.And i hope to make this my first step into the massive world of AI related technologies . if u are impatient and want to try this now u can try imgseek , a python based program that i tried some time ago. it is good but did not have the accuracy i was expecting and it had some stability problems. but a good software none the less.

siging out for now

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when did India get its freedom ?

  • 1950
  • 1948
  • 1949
  • ?????
  • please don’t record this

Shocked or puzzled ? these were just some of the answers people gave to the question on Vijay TV. This truly came as a surprise to me that people who were more than 20 yrs old (aka supposed to be mature people and most seem to be educated) answered like this.

I am not angry or sad for these people both of which is useless to solve the problem. I am just happy that atleast Vijay TV did a good program on the martyrs and freedom fighters of India.

On another note, quite unintentionally my post on declaration of independence is followed by a post on Freedom. 🙂 lets see how this goes. i must post regularly . how “reglularly” ? and how useful they are to others are the most important things. which is the point of having this blog 😉

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