The nice guys at WDF team have released a detailed word document containing links to a number of articles relating to UMDF, KMDF and other topics like SDV,prefast for drivers etc.  Though these links are for articles/ documents that are already available online it is good to have them all listed in one place, organised in way for anyone to learn WDF. maybe thats why its named “Windows Driver Foundation: A Syllabus” ;). the best part is the evaluation and grading part of the course 🙂

Midterm 1: WinHEC 2007 technical sessions and hands-on labs.

Midterm 2: Testing with the current release of the Windows Driver Kit (WDK).

Final exam: Your first KMDF or UMDF driver.

Grading policy: Self-assessment through Driver Verifier, PREfast, Static Driver Verifier, and WDK tests for drivers.

so go ahead and grab the document located here 🙂

and all the best for the exams 😉

bye for now